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Garden Sets

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      Garden Furniture Sets

      Bring your garden together with our stunning teak garden furniture sets, crafted from genuine teak leaving your furniture durable, reliable and resilient. Additionally using our dining set covers throughout the winter leaves your furniture perfect for years to come. 
      With our sets varying in size from awe-inspiring 14-seater dining sets to our versatile 4-seater folding sets and including plush cushions of varying colours, to ensure that your teak dining set fits your garden perfectly.
      Experience unforgettable moments in your own garden with our exceptional teak garden furniture sets. Designed to elevate your garden, our sets are perfect for any occasion, whether you're hosting a lively summer gathering or seeking some alone time on a peaceful summer evening.

      Getting all your teak garden furniture at Eterna Home

      Whatever you use your garden space for, you will want to make the most of it with our outdoor dining sets.

      Buy garden furniture from Eterna to enjoy quality that will last for many years at great prices. If you need any help at all finding a specific product, please get in touch and we’ll be delighted to help you.